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Alligator, underfed, neurological issues and calcium deficient

Help Support the Ohio Reptile Service

The Ohio Reptile Service has operated over the last several years doing the best we can to provide the best service possible to reptiles in need.  We operate on limited financial resources, often from the pockets of the Director and volunteers.  Occasional donations come in to cushion costs, but they are few and far between. 


So what can YOU do to help save animals??

1.) We have to get alligators transported to Florida on a regular basis in order to provide them with a fresh start to a new life!  Gas is getting more and more expensive these days.  Financial assistance by way of cash or gas cards are appreciated for these endeavors. 

2.) Medical supplies are always necessary.  Gauze wraps, original neosporin, syringes/needles, various bandages, baytril, chlorhexadine, nolvasan, scalpels, surgical gloves, etc.

3.) Cages (wooden construction or commercially designed reptile cages at this time. We currently have too many aquariums and they take up too much room to make rescues efficient...thank you!), substrates (cypress mulch, aspen shavings, ground walnut shell), Heating bulbs, UVB compact fluorescent bulbs, Ceramic Heat Emitters, Heating pads, Filtration systems and fresh filters, water testing kits.

4.) Commercial foods and supplements. 

5.) Vegetables, grocery store chicken, beef,  Frozen rodents and rabbits for animal consumption. 

6.) Transport cages

7.) Handling equipment: Nooses, snake hooks of various lengths, snake tongs, pinning tools, probing tools, etc.

8.) Pet store gift cards

9.) Free or low cost vet services by experienced reptile veterinarians.

10.) General supplies: Paper towels, Dial hand washing soap, Original Dawn Dishwashing liquid (good for scrubbing animals with skin issues or filth caked on their skin), Hand sanitizers.

Specialty List

1.) Misting systems

2.) Canister filtration systems

3.) Veterinary quality microscopes- Vet techs offer volunteer services for lab tests.

4.) Small boat or raft with no larger than 10HP motor (Alligator capture from local ponds and lakes due to irresponsibility of their owners)



Green anaconda assaulted and released by former owner.
Alligator overfed, but malnourished due to lack of appropriate diet.
Rectal prolapse on Gopher snake