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Captive and Wild specimen research is frequently performed by the Director of the Ohio Reptile Service and various veterinary professionals, and zoological associates.  The aim is simply to provide a better understanding of the captive requirements of the many reptiles that so many of us have come to love and admire.  We strive to improve the captive quality of life for these animals, simply because they are worth it. 

It comes as no surprise that by studying the wild traits, habitats and conditions of various species, that you will have a better grasp as to what a captive environment will require in order to allow a specimen to thrive.  Furthermore, notes and studies on captive conditions enable us to pair certain health ailments with particular housing, and dietary standards.  For example, low calcium or inability to properly metabolize the calcium provided is linked with splayed teeth, poor jaw formation and metabolic bone disease.  By us following more closely, we're able to help provide assistance to these animals that have these conditions, as well as help prevent them in future animals as well.

O.R.S. Director, Chris Law with endangered Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.

Notes about captive crocodilian health  (Coming soon)

Notes about large constricting snake health  (Coming soon)