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The Ohio Reptile Service, since it's opening in 2005, is proud to say that it is still here and in full service just as originally intended.  Since its opening, many homeless reptiles have found new homes with private keepers, college classrooms, professional facilities and other specialists.  Large constricting snakes, Venomous Reptiles and Crocodilians have managed to get into appropriate facilities where they can receive the specialized care that they each require. 

Starting as a small scale rescue trying to give a few animals a new lease on life, has expanded into far more than was originally planned.  However, we're not complaining!  We've been able to see where these services are most demanded and are making new networks, and trying new methods to be able to help more animals and more people. 

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Did you know??...
Tip#1) American Alligators make very poor pets.  They get large, and can be quite aggressive.  They deserve care that only specialist and researchers are able to provide.                                              Tip#2) Burmese pythons and other large constricting snakes can get large and powerful. They require large cages and experience to handle safely.                                                 Tip#3)  Venomous reptiles such as various species of rattlesnakes and cobras are VERY bad choices as "pets".  They have a great potential for a deadly outcome and are a serious safety risk to those living with or around you.  Without proper experience, training and access to antivenom, you are playing Russian Roulet with your life.