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Contacting the Ohio Reptile Service

The Ohio Reptile Service strives to provide fast service and response times.  We try to provide expeditious assistance, not only to emergency related situations, but also to individuals needing good homes for their pets.  We have email and phone options for contacting us, but please read below to find out which one is preferable for use in your particular situation. 

Thank you!

If you have an EMERGENCY situation such as a loose animal, EMS reptile encounter, or medical emergency for your pet...please call us at: 



For all other inquiries: Possible animal surrenders, general questions, consultations on husbandry, etc. Please email us at:



If you are contacting us about wild native reptiles, please understand that at this time, the Ohio Reptile Service does not have a license to rehabilitate native wildlife.  We service strictly exotic reptiles at this time.  However, if this is a native reptile pet that you have, we do have a list of nature centers that we are networked with and can provide transportation services to one of those locations or refer you to one.  If this is an injured native reptile, please contact:

Ohio Wildlife Center

Ohio Wildlife Center Hospital  (Animal Admissions)
2661 Billingsley Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235
(614) 793-WILD
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*Note* The Ohio Reptile Service has had very positive experiences with the Ohio Wildlife Center.  We stand behind their ethics and practices 100%.  We strongly encourage you to donate any funds you are able, or if possible, even fund the rehabilitation of a sick animal within their care.  They are currently losing funding due to budget cuts, etc. and the last thing wildlife needs is placed on the backburner during these economic hardships! Please donate!