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Adopting a Reptile

The Ohio Reptile Service prides itself on the fact that we can be rather picky during adoption processes.  Our aim is to SAVE reptiles and ensure that they go to lasting homes with knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced keepers that will provide hopefully, a forever home for these animals. 

We have a strict policy that Crocodilians (Alligators, Caiman, Crocodiles, and Gharials), Venomous reptiles (Cobras, Rattlesnakes, Vipers or Rear-fanged species), and Large Constricting snakes (Burmese, African Rock, Reticulated pythons, and Green Anacondas) are NOT and never will be adopted to members of the general public.  

The typical screening process for applicants for other reptiles consist of :

1.) Address and type of residence (House or apartment). If you live in an apartment, we will require contact information for your landlord or complex manager to check rules regarding possessing the specimen you are requesting.

2.) Level of experience with animal requested

3.) Whether or not you currently have an appropriate enclosure

4.) Local laws restricting the private possession of such animals (know your local laws!!)


If you are interested in adopting an animal, please send us an email with the species that you see is available on our website, your current address w/ zip code, and the information requested above.  You will most likely require a phone interview and possibly a home visit (depending on species) from the Director of the Ohio Reptile Service before an adoption will be allowed.

Available For Adoption