Surrender a Reptile

Has that baby Alligator outgrown it's welcome?  How about that friendly pet Burmese python that's no longer being managed in the 75 Gallon aquarium?  Moving and can't take your Bearded Dragon?  No worries!  The Ohio Reptile Service is here to help in these situations.  We understand that there is a lot of bad information thrown about regarding various pet reptiles that generally aren't suitable as "pets".  Sometimes, purchasers fall prey to smooth pet store pitches and purchase animals that might become beyond their means within just a short period of time.  When this happens, the animal shouldn't have to suffer as a result!  You obviously want the best alternative for a comfortable existence for this animal as possible.  We strive to make that happen!  Contact the Ohio Reptile Service and find out what we can do for you and your reptile!
For specifics on animal surrenders, please browse the small list below. There are certain animals that require special accommodations and/or licensing in order for us to operate legally.  These often usually offer a better case transfer for the animal as well.  Thank you!!


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Animal acquisition/Disposition policy

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