Since the opening of the Ohio Reptile Service in 2005, we are pleased to say that we've played a major part in finding new homes for a large quantity of homeless reptiles.  Various assortments of reptiles from Leopard Geckos to Burmese pythons to American Alligators have found new homes with responsible and knowledgeable private keepers, college zoology/biology classrooms, or zoological facilities.  We are thankful to be here, serving our purpose and doing so quite successfully.

Our rescue and rehabilitation initiatives are taken very seriously.  While many would stand by idly and not have a care in the world, simply because it's a snake, or it's a turtle...we are stepping in to give these animals a second chance!  Wild captured, Ohio Native reptiles, under very strict circumstances have often been able to be released back into the wild courtesy of the Ohio Wildlife Center.  At this time, all injured native wildlife are taken to the Ohio Wildlife Center for rehabilitation purposes, as the Ohio Reptile Service does not have permits for rehabilitation of native reptiles.  However, this is yet another endeavor that we are working on undertaking.  Please check back frequently as we will be posting all of our updates as they happen!

We stand very dedicated to our cause.  Giving reptiles a new lease on life is our passion and goal!  Please stand with us and help animals!



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