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The Ohio Reptile Service would like the efforts of our local and state EMS personnel to be recognized.  They work tirelessly to ensure the safety, health and general well being of the citizens of our state and various cities or municipalities within it.  However, occasionally they encounter a situation that leaves their hands tied.  An exotic animal encounter for an untrained individual can end up being a very unpleasant one, if not potentially dangerous or deadly one.  However, the Ohio Reptile Service aims to provide assistance in reptile related encounters to help ensure the safety of the individuals risking their own lives on a daily basis for the general public.  Occasionally, pet alligators, large constricting snakes and venomous reptiles can end up in private homes.  While there are a number of individuals that take these animals into their homes and devote themselves to being a responsible and educated keeper, some have them for the wrong reasons.  It is usually these very people that end up with an encounter with our law enforcement personnel and place them in danger with their "pets".  The Ohio Reptile Service can help!!  We are trained and experienced in handling and removal of even the most dangerous of these animals.  Don't hesitate to contact us!