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Herpetological Conservation

The Ohio Reptile Service observes the hard work performed by state wildlife divisions and conservation organizations world-wide.  Carefully monitoring the current species being worked on by the AZA Species Survival Plan (SSP), we aim to ensure that any animals that fit into one of these programs that might come through our doors, an AZA facility directly involved in working with the species is contacted immediately. 

There are a few species of Ohio native reptiles that are of true concern as well within the state.  The Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, Eastern Plains Garter snake are just to name a few species of concern.  We aim to be directly involved in the education of the general public about these species and work to offer alternatives to their slaughter in the event of an encounter.  We carry contact information for Ohio Division of Wildlife departments available for immediate call placement in the event of an unwanted encounter.  It is important to remember that the Ohio Reptile Service is not licensed to remove native wildlife.  However, this doesn't mean that we don't support it's conservation and protection!!

Please, don't harass or kill native wildlife.  Most are harmless, and those that aren't harmless, still want little to do with humans.  Please give them safe passage, and they will allow you the same.  Thank you!!

Endangered Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.

Sign posting for protection of the Timber Rattlesnake.
Common northern watersnakes are frequently mistaken for "Water Moccasins". These snakes are completely harmless!!

Endangered Timber Rattlesnake