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About the Ohio Reptile Service

The Ohio Reptile Service was founded by the Director, Chris Law in 2005.  Individuals knowing his knowledge in reptile husbandry, often referred acquaintances with reptile related problems to him if they needed new homes or simply couldn't afford to care for the animal any longer.  News headlines across the state regarding alligators, pythons, etc. put the idea out there that there needed to be a new outlet for finding homes and providing assistance to these abandoned and often mistreated animals. 

Through our network of biologists, zookeepers, and researchers, we managed to get the ball rolling in the proper direction.  Since 2005, the Ohio Reptile Service has witnessed some of the most horrible animal husbandry, welfare and abuse situations.  We are operated out of the Director's home in Columbus. Eventually, the Ohio Reptile Service would like to expand into an individual building where there would be greater potential for housing a larger number of surrendered animals and to provide a greater educational opportunity. Furthermore, we are aiming to become a 501c3 non-profit organization.  These are just two of the many endeavors that we are working towards! 

As a long term goal, the Ohio Reptile Service would eventually like to develop into a National rescue service, networked and run efficiently for the well being of captive reptiles across the nation. Failure is NOT an option!!